Easy Product Displays Is Looking Ahead to 2015

So, by now you may be wondering what happens to your affiliate sales once the Christmas selling season is over? If you are an Easy Product Displays¬†user that has been building their sites steadily, you might see a small drop but probably not the huge drop that most others will experience. If you are an experienced affiliate you know that now is the time to double down and begin getting your sites ready for the next selling season. Just because you have never made any Continue reading →

EPD Video Tutorial: Building Displays from Other Merchants

Would you like to know how to work with other merchants in the EPD tool? Watch the video tutorial that shows you how to build a product display from a Share A Sale merchant. Example of a Share A Sale Product Display Child Deluxe Darth Vader CostumeToddler Yoda Costume

EPD Video Tutorial: What Are Flow Templates?

You have seen them in the Easy Product Displays builder, but what are they? What are Flow Templates and why should you use them? Watch this short video that helps explain what flow templates are.