EPD Video Tutorial: Building Displays from Other Merchants

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Would you like to know how to work with other merchants in the EPD tool? Watch the video tutorial that shows you how to build a product display from a Share A Sale merchant.

Example of a Share A Sale Product Display

Child Deluxe Darth Vader CostumeToddler Yoda Costume

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4 thoughts on “EPD Video Tutorial: Building Displays from Other Merchants

  • Holly Day

    I just created a few displays today for other sites than those integrated but did forget about the matching button and used an add to cart one – I’ll remember that next time. Thanks for the tips! You, guys, rock 🙂

    • EPD2 Admin Post author

      You can bring any button url you have and drop it in the space for “Button Type” in the settings. Make your own buttons if you want, host them on a reliable host somewhere like photobucket. All you need is the button url to add it to your product displays.

    • EPD2 Admin Post author

      We are covering the basics right now. Just wait til we make our advanced videos! We have some tricks up our sleeves I bet you didn’t even know EPD could do!!

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