Use Easy Product Displays To Promote Your Amazon Merch T-shirts

How to use Easy Product Displays to promote your Merch by Amazon t-shirts? If you’re a Merch by Amazon seller, then you already know how great your sales can be. But, have you ever thought about promoting your t-shirts on a WordPress blog? You spent all that time waiting for your Merch invitation and acceptance to come. You sure don’t want to have designs taking up space for no return. You want to beat that 365 day deletion deadline and you want to tier up faster, Continue reading →

PotPieGirl’s EPD Tips / Tricks Course

As the owners of Easy Product Displays, we have had the privilege of walking through this course from Jennifer Ledbetter. For many of us she is better known as the much respected, PotPieGirl. There is something so different and extremely helpful about being able to watch over someone’s shoulder as they use a tool rich in features with so many abilities to create beautiful product displays. For us, it was also wonderful to see how the user experienced the all goodies encased in the EPD tool. It gives us Continue reading →

Start the New Year With Great Posts

Now that 2017 is underway, it’s time to think about those important selling dates for 2017. One of the top selling items in January is calendars. Calendars come in nearly every idea you can think of which makes them a great item to promote. People are getting rid of the old and bringing in the new. They love to look at new images each month and see the dates before them. You might consider joining a calendar merchant such as in ShareaSale. They are set Continue reading →

Top 10 List Of Halloween and Fall Party Supplies

It’s that time of year again and we’re here to help you make more money!! Everyone knows about costumes, but you may be missing a vital money maker. The one thing that never changes about this time of year is the holiday parties! The holiday selling season is upon us and it looks to be one of the biggest selling seasons ever if traffic to websites is any indication! You won’t want to miss the boat this year. Instead of trying to compete for big name products Continue reading →

What Are Image Alt Tags and Why Do I Need Them?

So, what are image alt tags? If you’re a blogger, then surely you have seen this term thrown around here or there. Let’s find out more about image alt tags and why you should use them. First, let’s see what the search engine masters – Google has to say about image alt tags. Seeing as they are the only ones who matter these days! Here is a direct quote from a Google article… The alt attribute is used to describe the contents of an image Continue reading →

Saved Searches in Easy Product Displays

Easy Product Displays has a great new update for you. One that will make your searches more convenient for you! This time saver is your “Saved Searches”. From now on what you will see is that when you do a search in any of the Easy Product Displays search engines, if it returns results, it will save it for you to use again. You will be able to see your searches in a drop-down. You will also have the option of clearing your searches whenever you choose. Continue reading →

Create A List Of Favorite ShareASale Merchants

Hi everyone! Over the weekend we added another nice update for those of you who use the ShareASale search in the Easy Product Displays tool. If you have niche and seasonal sites you will have already found a use for the ability to create a favorite merchants list. How about the ability to create more than one? Create A List Of Favorite Merchants We Have Made It Even Easier! We bet you are wondering how we could possibly make it easier for you to find the products Continue reading →

Easy Product Displays Is Looking Ahead to 2015

So, by now you may be wondering what happens to your affiliate sales once the Christmas selling season is over? If you are an Easy Product Displays user that has been building their sites steadily, you might see a small drop but probably not the huge drop that most others will experience. If you are an experienced affiliate you know that now is the time to double down and begin getting your sites ready for the next selling season. Just because you have never made any Continue reading →

Search By ASIN Product Number With Easy Product Displays

Now You Can Search By ASIN Product Number! You requested this feature and we delivered it for you! Now, when you use the Easy Product Displays Amazon search feature, you can do Amazon ASIN# searches. You can add up to 10 ASIN #’s at a time, separated by commas. Are you having a hard time finding a particular product by using a search term? You can search the Amazon website and find the product you want to promote, get the ASIN # and bring it to the EPD Amazon search tool. Continue reading →

Make Comparison Shopping Displays With Easy Product Displays

Easy Product Displays is all about giving you the best and easiest ways to present products on your webpages and blog posts. We thought it would be great to be able to display products in a side by side display for comparison shopping. Would you like to show a Batman costume from a Share A Sale merchant and one from Amazon? Now you can! One of the best things you can do for your sales is to make powerful and beautiful displays. EPD is making that Continue reading →