Start the New Year With Great Posts

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Now that 2017 is underway, it’s time to think about those important selling dates for 2017.

One of the top selling items in January is calendars. Calendars come in nearly every idea you can think of which makes them a great item to promote.

People are getting rid of the old and bringing in the new. They love to look at new images each month and see the dates before them.

You might consider joining a calendar merchant such as in ShareaSale. They are set to Auto-Approve affiliates and they carry more than just calendars!

There are toys, books, even coffee mugs! Many other items are available too!

These and many other gift and calendar items are easily found in the Easy Product Displays ShareaSale search.

Start the New Year With Great Posts

For some niches, January is just as crazy as the 4th quarter. As much as you might like to take a breather, keep your head in the game and keep the money flowing. Your dry spell might come soon enough and you want to be ready.

Now, we are going to jump ahead to February.

Easy Product Displays Birth Month!

For Easy Product Displays, it’s the time we celebrate the birthdate of EPD and our partnership anniversary on February 14th. We are almost 5 years in and still making big plans for the EPD site.

Depending on your niche, Valentine’s Day (that’s on February 14th for you non-romantics) can be a huge market. Think about all the options you have on your sites to add a Valentine themed post or even place ads in the sidebar from your favorite merchants, those that give bonuses for that campaign.

Lots of people get engaged on Valentine’s Day while others actually tie the knot. Do you have any ideas for posts to cash in on the hearts, roses, and chocolates?

Or maybe you are one of the anti-Valentines Day people. Find fun items to promote for that. You can easily find items to promote just by doing a quick search in Easy Product Displays search.

If you want more ideas for dates to promote ahead of the holiday, here is a nice list of observed holidays in the US for 2017. But there are many more fun holidays that you can find for every day of the year.

Whatever you promote, we want to help you make more money with beautiful displays that make your visitors want to click and learn more.

Make 2017 a great year with Easy Product Displays!
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3 thoughts on “Start the New Year With Great Posts

  • Susan Kaul

    I agree, we have to hit the ground running. There is a full year ahead of us to market ourselves constantly. I refuse to work for only one season a year. I want the whole year to be productive. And when you have a partner like EPD to help with the work, it is just that much more doable. Thanks for the tips and for all the work you do.

    • Angela

      Your contact form is not working.

      Is Ebay one of the merchants included ? If not, is there a plan to add them. If no, kindly state why not. I really enjoy using it for Amazon.


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