Create A List Of Favorite ShareASale Merchants

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Hi everyone! Over the weekend we added another nice update for those of you who use the ShareASale search in the Easy Product Displays tool. If you have niche and seasonal sites you will have already found a use for the ability to create a favorite merchants list. How about the ability to create more than one?

Create A List Of Favorite Merchants


We Have Made It Even Easier!

We bet you are wondering how we could possibly make it easier for you to find the products you need for that perfect post! Now you can create multiple lists with favorite merchants for your different sites or seasons or whatever works for you. We suggest first creating the lists of related merchants such as crafts, costumes, etc.. You will be able to make one list active at a time. Your merchants can also be added to more than one list.

As you know, with the last update we added the option of auto-select for individual merchants in your lists and you can drag and drop them in the order you choose.

You can then see the active list next to the link to Manage Favorite Merchants.



We know this latest update will give you an easier way to keep track of your favorite ShareASale merchants.

Let us know how you like it! Keep your eyes open for more fun updates coming soon!

For those of you just joining us, we will try to get the EPD Ultimate Guide pdf updated soon. We have had so many updates and upgrades so quickly it would mean updating every few days. We do love adding new fun things that make everyone more productive and successful! 2016 is going to be an incredible year!

When you are making those lists be sure to check out new merchants! We have made applying as easy as clicking the link next to the merchant name!

Thomas and Holley

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