New ShareaSale Merchants for March 15, 2016

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Many of you are gearing up for the next major selling season so Easy Product Displays has been hard at work finding you even more merchants to add to your ShareaSale arsenal!

If you are not already a ShareASale subscriber on Easy Product Displays, you can easily upgrade to the full tool or make it an add-on for $2.99 more a month (Pssst! It’s more economical to upgrade to Full Tool yearly).

We know several of you never slowed down and to you we say way to go! You are an inspiration to those struggling to learn affiliate marketing.

To those of you still trying to find your footing, it rarely happens overnight. Believe in yourself, work at it, and keep learning. Using Easy Product Displays helps free up your time you would have spent locating and coding products for posts so that you can better utilize your time networking and promoting the things you love.

To further assist you and to keep Easy Product Displays as helpful as we can possibly make it, we have found some fun new ShareASale merchants to help boost those sales. Two are clothing and t-shirts and the other is for you tea lovers.

Finding ShareASale Merchants in Easy Product Displays

If you know the merchant’s name you can simply search it under Merchants here:


Easy Product Displays ShareASale subscribers will also find them by clicking:

“A” under merchants and scrolling to Art of Tea – Apply here

  • 10.00% Per Sale
  • This merchant has tea for all occasions and also glassware to promote. They have a nice variety of banners too.

“I” for I Love Apparel, apply here

  • 15.00% Per Sale
  • Here you will find funny T-shirts for just about any reason. The banners are colorful and come in many sizes.

Then do the same for “S” and Supershirtguy, apply here

  • $6.00 Per Sale and Auto Approval of affiliates
  • Shirts, bags, bangle bracelets – great for TV or movie niche promos

You can easily find merchants that you want to join also by doing a search of all merchants for products or just by selecting a single merchant at a time, hitting search without a keyword, and looking at their product listings.

We hope you take advantage of the “Apply to this merchant” links on the merchants list in the tool. They will help you quickly apply and get approved for the merchants you want.  Find some new merchants and make your sites and posts successes.

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