ShareaSale and Full Tool Sneak a Peek Weekend

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Hi EPD Friends,

Welcome to “Sneak a Peek Weekend”!! The long awaited ShareaSale upgrade is about to be unveiled!

We have decided that for your patience while we worked so hard on this ShareaSale upgrade you should get the weekend with FREE and unfettered FULL TOOL access for you and all your friends to try! Everyone will not only get access to the SAS upgrade but also to the Amazon and Zazzle tool!

For those of you who promote the Easy Product Displays tool as affiliates, please don’t forget to use your links to send it out to your friends. Once they register, they are yours! So, if they come back and sign up for the tool, you get your commissions as usual.

Just give them your sign up link and let them see what Easy Product Displays has to offer! Once you have experienced the ShareaSale upgrade and used it free for the weekend, come back to sign up for the upgrade at $4.99 monthly and we will provide you with a coupon.

We are very excited about this new option for you to turn those work at home dreams into reality!

Take a look at this short video to see what is under the hood

Ready, Set, Go!!

** Current Users – Look in your dashboard to see the Free Weekend sign up page. 

New Users – Register Here!




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