Saved Searches in Easy Product Displays

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Easy Product Displays has a great new update for you. One that will make your searches more convenient for you! This time saver is your “Saved Searches”.

From now on what you will see is that when you do a search in any of the Easy Product Displays search engines, if it returns results, it will save it for you to use again. You will be able to see your searches in a drop-down.

You will also have the option of clearing your searches whenever you choose.

Some may ask why we would implement this. The first answer is why not? But the real answer is to make it easier when you want to create displays for different stores.

For instance, you want to give your reader the many options from which to choose. This is always a good idea because people like to shop and see all their options without going to 10 different places.

So now you can check and create displays from Amazon, Zazzle, or Shareasale without having to retype your search phrase.



And here you can see the phrase was saved and is ready for you to select for your next search. As you will see in the drop-down, we have also given you the option of clearing your search history.

The search does not save if no products were returned, nor does it save Amazon ASIN #s you put in the search bar.

saved search


We think this will help you create those beautiful displays much faster. What do you think?

Stick around for even more awesome new updates coming your way soon!

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