Use Easy Product Displays To Promote Your Amazon Merch T-shirts

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How to use Easy Product Displays to promote your Merch by Amazon t-shirts?

If you’re a Merch by Amazon t-shirt seller, then you already know how great your t-shirt sales can be. But, have you ever thought about promoting your t-shirts on a WordPress blog?

You spent all that time waiting for your Merch invitation and acceptance to come. You sure don’t want to have designs taking up space for no return. You want to beat that 90 day deletion deadline and you want to tier up faster, right? EPD can help you do both!

Easy Product Displays makes it super easy to get your Merch by Amazon t-shirts onto a blog. Once your t-shirts are on a blog post you will have a lot more control over the SEO of your t-shirts. Which is going to lead to a lot more Merch by Amazon t-shirt sales for you.

Does this sound interesting to you? If so, keep reading to learn how Easy Product Displays can be useful to you.

What Is Easy Product Displays?

Easy Product Displays (or EPD for short) is an affiliate product search machine. With EPD you can put in a keyword or two to quickly find your Merch by Amazon t-shirts on Amazon. Once you have found your tees and shirts you can add them to beautiful displays to put on a blog post. EPD creates all the html and even attaches your own Amazon affiliate ID’s to increase your earnings even more.

Can Easy Product Displays Help Sell Merch T-shirts?

Currently, thousands of people are searching for great Merch by Amazon tools. Most sellers think that once they have found their keywords and a design that they are about to make huge money. Some do, but most sellers need a little help getting those designs seen once they have been uploaded to Merch. That is where EPD comes in.

Easy Product Displays helps you in several ways. You type in your keywords or brand name and you will not only see your products but those closely related to yours. You get ideas as well as being able to create beautiful looking displays for your blog that include your t-shirts. You can even promote those other t-shirts and make money through the Amazon affiliate program.

To use Easy Product displays to promote your Merch by Amazon t-shirts, you only need our basic Amazon / Zazzle subscription in EPD. Both are included in the basic plan.

I love Easy Product Displays! I have been using it for a few years now to create displays for t-shirts and other products and find it very easy to use. It is also a huge time saver! There are very few tools that I use consistently and EPD is one of them. – Judy Turner

We’ll even start you off right by saving you 10% with this coupon code, MERCH10. You can easily afford about $5 a month with only 1 Merch sale! The coupon may expire but your discount won’t. As long as you keep the same EPD subscription active you will pay the same amount each renewal period whether that is monthly or yearly.

WOW! 10% off! Let me sign up right now!

Monthly or Yearly memberships are available.

Here is an example of a display created by Easy Product Displays. There are many more ways to setup your displays and start earning real money!

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Earn Money with Easy Product Displays

Tell your friends, blog readers, fans, or the world about Easy Product Displays. When they sign up, we will give you 25% of the initial sign up!  That is 25% of the initial payment we receive,$6.99 * 25% = $1.75 (1 time payment to you) $69.99 * 25% = $17.50 (1 time payment to you). We will pay you every Friday that you have reached at least $10 payout for your referrals to EPD.

Sign Up For Easy Product Displays

EPD offers more than 20 custom product templates to pick from. Add single products or multiple products. We also host the Amazon approved Buy buttons that you can use for your displays. We have a 3 day free trial and several sign up options. Try out our affiliate marketing tool today! You won’t be able to live without it!

Easy Product Displays for Amazon and Zazzle Affiliates

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