How To Use EPD For Share A Sale Affiliates

Are you a Share A Sale affiliate? If not, click here to sign up. Merchants on SAS (Share A Sale) are offering twice the royalty percent compared to popular retailers. Most merchants on SAS offer 10% and some offer as high as 35% in my merchants list. Some may be even higher. Plus, there are 10,000+ merchants in the SAS system. You can use any of your SAS merchants with the Easy Product Displays tool for affiliates. I am going to show you how. First, locate Continue reading →

Locker Settings – What Are They?

Locker Settings – What are they and what do they do? One feature we had added to the Easy Product Displays tool is locker settings. You are able to create up to 20 Settings profiles to call up at any time you are building product displays. You are able to create and save settings profiles with certain image border colors to match your website. A custom Buy Now button, or any other setting under the Settings tab. If you have 5 websites, you can set up Continue reading →

How To Use Your Own Buy Now Buttons In EPD

Today I want to point out a cool feature you may not be aware of. How many of you knew that you are able to use your own buy now buttons with Easy Product Displays? Here is exactly how to do it. You will need to host the image somewhere reliable. Grab the image url and bring it over to our tool. Then click on the Settings tab and scroll down to the Image Button settings. Pull the drop down and select Custom Image Button. Then paste your Continue reading →

Dig In Deep With The EPD Builder

I have been using this blog to tell you how to use the Easy Product Displays builder to generate Amazon and Zazzle html for your webpages. I don’t think I could ever do as good of a job as one of our users has done. Donna has found an incredible way to use Easy Product Displays to make webpages very quickly and very easily. Check out what Donna is doing in her report titled: Spaghetti Marketing. She not only gives an in depth guide for using Continue reading →

Get My Free Guides And Increase Your Affiliate Earnings!

Guide 1 The Ultimate Guide To Using Easy Product Displays For Affiliate Marketing. In the first guide, you will learn all about using Easy Product Displays. I will teach you how to use our product templates to quickly and easily put products in your blog pages. You get step by step instructions with screenshots of the tool. Plus links to our helpful videos. Everything you need to learn how to use Easy Product Displays is included. As well as tips, tricks and suggestions that will Continue reading →

Fetch Zazzle Fetch – Good Boy!

You have played fetch with your dog before right? You throw a stick, and the dog runs to get the stick and brings it back to you. Well today I am going to show you how to play fetch with Zazzle and the Easy Product Displays builder. You can create fast and easy product displays for your webpage or blog. Sure, we have a built in Zazzle search feature, but sometimes it just can’t find the exact product you want (the zazzle search feature works Continue reading →

Product Display Inside A Product Display

Let’s step it up! I have an advanced Easy Product Displays trick to share with you today. Did you know you could create entire blog posts without even leaving the EPD tool? You can! We are going to show you how! You are able to combine a display inside of a display using the Float Text option. There are several ways you can do this. You can create your small display first, then stick that display code inside the Float Text tool, then select a larger Continue reading →

Single Products With Easy Product Displays

If you want to show a single product display, I suggest using the 350 Flow template. The 350 Flow Template size is an ideal size for wide screens or mobile screens. By using the flow template, this product image will be available for pinning to your followers on Pinterest. You can use our Floating Text Tool to add a product description. You can float the product image to the left or right of your text. Grab your readers attention by adding a buy button. There Continue reading →

What Are Flow Templates?

The flow templates are what I personally like to use most. There are several sizes available for you to use. These are a fixed width image size starting at 100 and going to 150, 200, 250, 300, 350, and 400 image sizes. Flow templates look great on computer screens or mobile screens. Except the large 400 Flow is just a little too big for mobile device screens. Stick to Flow 350 if you want to show a single product. Flow templates adjust to your content Continue reading →