Fetch Zazzle Fetch – Good Boy!

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You have played fetch with your dog before right? You throw a stick, and the dog runs to get the stick and brings it back to you. Well today I am going to show you how to play fetch with Zazzle and the Easy Product Displays builder. You can create fast and easy product displays for your webpage or blog.

Sure, we have a built in Zazzle search feature, but sometimes it just can’t find the exact product you want (the zazzle search feature works off TAGS by the way!). What can you do to build the display? Search for your desired product on Zazzles website and grab your affiliate url for that product and bring it back to the EPD tool. We made a shortcut for filling in the info boxes. Just paste the Zazzle product url and hit our fancy Zazzle fetch button!

Unfortunately, it only works with Zazzle url’s for now.

Watch this video to see Zazzle Fetch in action!

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