Single Products With Easy Product Displays

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If you want to show a single product display, I suggest using the 350 Flow template. The 350 Flow Template size is an ideal size for wide screens or mobile screens. By using the flow template, this product image will be available for pinning to your followers on Pinterest.

You can use our Floating Text Tool to add a product description. You can float the product image to the left or right of your text. Grab your readers attention by adding a buy button. There are many buy buttons to pick from in the Easy Product Displays tool or you can create your own buy buttons to use.

Video Tutorial: How To Use Float Text

First, Select the 350 Flow Template

350 Flow Template For Single Product Displays


Add a Product and Select Left or Right on the Float Tool

Float Text To The Left


Click On The Float Tool To Add Text

Write Your Product Description

Here is an example of the finished product display

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SEO Made Simple is in it’s third edition.

Order this book today to learn everything you need to know about SEO for your website.

Keep adding more text here until you have filled this area around the product.

Use this space to sell the product to your readers. Describe the product and tell your readers why they need this product.

It is possible to layout your entire post using the EPD tool.

This display will look very nice on a wide screen or a mobile screen.

It takes a lot of text to fill this area, but that’s ok because you are a writer!

You can also float a product to the right!
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The way you layout your webpage is very important. Readers should be able to float down your page without too many distractions.

Aligning product images to the left and right helps direct your readers eyes right to the product image.

Entice them to click on it with a call to action buy now button. You can create your own buy now buttons or use any of the buttons included in the EPD tool.

The Float text tool works with any product display size you want to use.

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10 thoughts on “Single Products With Easy Product Displays

  • Cathy

    Thanks for the great post showing how we can use EPD to create great focus product displays. I just started with my 3 day trial, and I love that I can also box in my products using the various settings available in the settings tab.

    This tool is amazing! Thank You so much!

    • EPD2 Admin Post author

      I hope you like the trial and find our tool useful for making your webpages. We also hope you make lots of money!!

  • Keri

    This is an excellent tool. It’s fast and easy to use. It makes creating a product display so easy.

    And thanks for the excellent instructions and layout tips.

  • Aysha

    Great and easy to understand instructions to make the products we show on our site shine out. Perfect tool for affiliate marketers and online sellers. Thanks for the great instructions.

  • Susan

    I LOVE THIS TOOL!! I can’t believe how intuitive and easy to use it is. AND how much of a time saver it is. I can even get my Amazon products without even going to Amazon.Fantastic innovation. thank you so much for all the hard work! .

  • Holly Day

    EPD is sooooooooooo versatile! I tried lots of such software, plugins and other means to display products on my sites, but this one is definitely the one of its kind. In my opinion, no other could ever challenge EPD.

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