How To Use EPD For Share A Sale Affiliates

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Are you a Share A Sale affiliate? If not, click here to sign up. Merchants on SAS (Share A Sale) are offering twice the royalty percent compared to popular retailers. Most merchants on SAS offer 10% and some offer as high as 35% in my merchants list. Some may be even higher. Plus, there are 10,000+ merchants in the SAS system.

You can use any of your SAS merchants with the Easy Product Displays tool for affiliates. I am going to show you how.

First, locate a product you would like to sell on your merchants website.

Copy the merchants product page URL ex:

Copy merchants product page url

Go to the SAS custom link tool page

Merchant for this link: Pull the drop down and pick the correct merchant. ex:

Optional – Additional Tracking for your end (afftrack): You can add any tag you want for tracking purposes, or none at all. ex: tomscostumes or TChalloween

Destination URL: Paste in the page url for that product. (There is no need to remove the HTTP://) ex:

Now click on “Create Custom Link” button

Using Share-A-Sale Custom Link Tool

Now you will see a long share a sale link ex:

Copy it

You need to select a template first from the right window on Easy Product Display Tool.

350 Flow Template For Single Product Displays

Paste it into the Spot A on your product box at EPD (Add Product URL)


Go back to product page and copy the product title.

Copy The Product Title

Paste it in Spot B of the product box on EPD (Add Product Title)


Go back to the merchants product page and right click on their large product image and copy the IMAGE URL ex:

Copy Product Image Url

Paste that into Spot C of the EPD product box (Product Image URL)


Now click away from Spot C and your display will appear.

Great job, you just built a Share A Sale product display using Easy Product Displays! Go add it to your post and start earning money!

Here is the example display:

Batman The Dark Knight Rises

Don’t see your display yet?

  1. Click somewhere else besides in the EPD text area.
  2. Have you picked a Product Template in the right window yet?
  3. Did you enter a proper url for an image?
  4. Did you type a product title?
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