Happy 4th Birthday Easy Product Displays

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Happy 4th Birthday to Easy Product Displays and Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!

It’s hard to believe that just over 5 years ago Thomas and Holley formed a partnership to try to overcome the time consuming obstacles to making great income producing blog posts.

Easy Product Displays was born one year later.

EPD is now 4 years old and still growing and getting better. Our idea was to make beautiful displays easily and quickly.

Over this past year there have been many updates to get better and faster results in your Easy Product Displays searches. We have added the ability to remove or add a special code to make your single product displays look great. We also added some changes to make the Easy Product Displays tool more streamlined and intuitive to our members. The ability to see your past searches and be able to clear them has been a big help to many of you.

epd 4th birthday

We worked hard keeping our members needs in mind and are proud of what we have accomplished as we have grown over these 4 years. That doesn’t mean we stop building, in fact, it drives us to be better. We listen to our members, find things that will work better, change with the times as quickly as we can, and we try to be there for our customers when we are needed.

We are always on the lookout for the best new ShareaSale merchants with data feeds that would be a great fit for our users here on Easy Product Displays.

There are so many of you that have been with us since the doors were flung open. We want to thank all of you that have tested for us, offered recommendations through the retooling, and stood by us as we updated and improved through these last 4 years. You paved the way for the newest members to enjoy the ease that EPD provides in creating beautiful html displays on their posts.

Join us in celebrating 4 years of Easy Product Displays! We want to thank you all!
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