Your State Has a New NEXUS Law. Now What?

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taxes-646509_1280Affiliate marketers are again in danger of losing their businesses due to state NEXUS laws. What typically happens is the merchants decide to stop paying commissions to any affiliates in those states. This puts a lot of people out of business and leaves them with no income.

Here at Easy Product Displays, we try to keep an eye out for our members. Once again, some states have or are trying to push through a new NEXUS law, nicknamed Amazon law.

How can you protect yourself and the business you have spent so much time building? Don’t just let it all get stripped way from you!

Now, don’t panic but get yourself protected as quickly as possible. Protect your assets the same way the big companies do without all the hassle. Create an LLC in a state such as Delaware, voted the most business friendly state in the nation. This literally can take as little as 5 minutes once you have made up your mind what you want.

Form an LLC, the simplest form of incorporating your business. Filling out the information is easy. Select the options you want, but we always choose just a basic package. We are only concerned about having a business registered in the state.

Form an LLC Online


All you do is choose a name for your business, give them your personal info, decide whether you need them to apply for an Employer Id Number (EIN) for your business, then give them the payment information and agree to the their terms and click pay. Most times you have a response within 1 business day.

Get an Address and Mail Forwarding

When you move your corporation or LLC to another state you need a corporate address to give to your networks and merchants.

We have found the easiest way for us is to Get an address in another state with Sasquatch Mail LLC! Choose your address. Rent a mailbox in our preferred state with no NEXUS laws. We enjoy the fact that we can be contacted when we receive mail and can choose to have the mail scanned, thrown away, or forwarded to us. We can view the scanned mail online.

Affiliate marketers have been in the cross hairs of the states tax divisions for the last several years. Each year it is another state looking to collect taxes from online merchants without fully understanding the the devastating impact these cash grabs have on the work from home affiliate.

Unfortunately, the legislation put forth is rarely from someone who knows anything about affiliate marketing, nor do they seem to learn from the mistakes of other states.

When these laws go into effect merchants decide to stop paying commissions to any affiliates in those states, putting thousands of people out of work. So all of the income tax they could have collected from those individuals is now gone and the state is supporting those people who are now on welfare or unemployment.  Plus, the state may have lost much of the sales tax they chose to collect because the marketer is no longer there to provide guidance for that consumer.

Do it before your merchants begin dropping affiliates. It’s harder to get back in once they have made the change.

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Get an address in another state with Sasquatch Mail LLC! Choose your address.

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2 thoughts on “Your State Has a New NEXUS Law. Now What?

  • Lesley

    What about opening a bank account in another state, how do you handle the checks and direct deposits from Amazon? They come in your new business name so you need a bank account with that name? How did you handle that part? Does that service you mention above help you establish all that too?

    I would love to be able to share this link but I want to make sure that they are able to get paid from Amazon because they only do checks and direct deposit, no paypal. Thanks.

    • EPD2 Admin

      No, the services are for forming an LLC or renting a mailbox.

      It is prudent to have a bank account separate for your LLC to keep your business separate from your personal, most especially for tax reasons.

      Because we are a company with more than one owner, we opened a bank account online.

      It took about 15 minutes after we found one we liked. You can use your mailbox address.

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