Introducing A ShareASale Merchant in Birthdays

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Today’s Shareasale featured merchant is Birthday Express!

Almost everyone loves to celebrate birthdays! Other than the getting older part for some of us, what’s not to love?

Birthday parties have come a long way from when we were kids.

Today everything is themed and matching. It makes it so easy to promote an entire party setup from the table setting to the pinata.

Birthday Express has all the latest and hottest themed party supplies to help you help your customers.

You can make planning a party much easier for today’s busy parents, grandparents, and teachers by showing them how to coordinate the themed parties. then they pay you a whopping 13% commission!

Hello Kitty Party Supplies at Birthday Express

Introducing A Share A Sale Merchant in Birthdays

Birthday Express has also put together these awesome party-in-a-box options that can be for either boys or girls.

You will find this merchant and all of their birthday products in our ShareASale portion of Easy Product Displays!

Highlights of the Birthday Express Affiliate Program:

  • Commission: 13%
  • Cookie: 60 days
  • Large selection of text links and banners
  • Product datafeed for each store with thousands of products updated daily
  • $10 Affiliate Referrals: Invite your blogging friends to join the Birthday Express & Costume Express affiliate program and earn $10 for each friend who’s approved!
  • Dedicated affiliate management team from Acceleration Partners
  • Newsletters with program updates, promotions, contests and incentive opportunities

Cons of the Birthday Express Affiliate Program:

Here is an example products from Birthday Express!

Lots of Party in a Box ThemesLots of Party in a Box ThemesLots of Themed Party SuppliesLots of Themed Party Supplies

Examples of Advertising Banners

Star Wars Rebels Party supplies at Birthday Express
Frozen birthday party supplies
TMNT Party Supplies from Birthday Express

Why Are We Recommending Birthday Express To You?

We are recommending Birthday Express to you because birthdays are year round and they pose great affiliate income potential. At 13% royalty, you can make nice income. This merchant has the birthday party planning down pat for you. And Birthday Express offers nice banners and images to use in your promotions.

Are You Ready To Sign Up Yet?

This merchant is NOT set to auto approve so be prepared to add some information about your site for the merchant to get you approved more quickly.


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Easy Product Displays is the easiest way to get Birthday Express affiliate products onto your blog. We call it EPD for short and our tool makes it super easy and super fast to build beautiful product displays, then copy and paste the HTML into your blog. You will find this merchant and all of their birthday products in our ShareASale portion of Easy Product Displays. Sign up today!

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