Summer Giveaways from Affiliate Marketing Influencers

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Easy Product Displays has some great news!

We have gotten together with some of your favorite affiliate marketing gurus and come up with a fun and exciting summer schedule of giveaways!

These affiliate marketing champs enthusiastically added their products for these giveaways.

We are happy to have them as part of our Easy Product Displays family of friends.


Welcome to the Summer 2016 Giveaways!



Who ..

Easy Product Displays has teamed up with some of your favorite marketing geniuses to help you get a head start in the upcoming holidays. They are a lot closer than you think!

Erica Stone

11130233_830919567002404_4992352498559172857_nWe are excited to bring you individual and bundled products by Erica Stone! With Pinterest being so hot right now, she has a Pinterest bundle PLUS a new ebook we will give away individually too.

Erica covers so many subjects in these in-depth, well researched, and easy to follow guides to making real, sustainable income that you will find yourself going back to them again and again for more ideas.


12670912_1110833515634232_40292840540162945_nWe also have a very timely ebook by Pot Pie Girl, Jennifer Ledbetter, called What Works Now!

This is basically a cheat sheet of tweaks you can make to create huge increases in affiliate sales! This informative and incredibly useful ebook has so many tools and fantastic ideas that you will feel like your pockets are already starting to fill with affiliate money.

We absolutely loved this guide to ramping up your affiliate sales!

Pajama Affiliates

12112184_898059046939718_7445479334358547873_nAnd, many of you will be excited to find we have LIFETIME ACCESS to Pajama Affiliates! Robin Cockrell and Lesley Stevens have been teaching and encouraging affiliate marketers how to promote products.

We have watched as they have changed the lives of many of their subscribers.

These ladies have rewritten the rules and come up with simple to follow marketing plans for the beginner or advanced users!

We even have your favorite Spaghetti Marketing  expert, Donna Monti!

And more to come! 

Get ready for the weekly Easy Product Displays giveaways!

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Did You Miss Anything?

Week #1 of Summer Giveaway 2016 (Winner:  Colleen B.)

Week #2 of Summer Giveaway 2016 (Winner:  Keri M.)

Week #3 of Summer Giveaway 2016 (Winner:  Holly D.)

Week #4 of Summer Giveaway 2016 (Winner:  Crystal T.)

Week #5 of Summer Giveaway 2016 (Winner:  Rose J.)

Week #6 of Summer Giveaway 2016 (Winner:  Jennifer A.)

Week #7 of Summer Giveaway 2016 GRAND PRIZE (Winner:  Dawn T.)

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